Time for a change

If you follow me on Instagram (@measureandpour) you know that being eco-friendly is as big of a passion for me as baking and cooking are. Every day we try to make a better impact on our environment. We're not perfect, but we're trying! Recently, I made a switch to reduce the amount of plastic coming into the house. Yes, you can easily recycle most plastics but what we need to be moving toward is using less plastic. So I switched my normal shampoo and conditioner (sold in plastic bottles) and started using Ethique's shampoo and conditioner bars....and I'm in love! And for all you out there who think this isn't for them, I dare you to try it! How do you use bar shampoo in your hair? At first I wondered the same thing. I thought it would be weird. But it's really easy. Wet your hair and the bar. Run the bar through your hair a few times, put the bar down and start massaging it in. Then rinse like normal. But does it work well? I'll tell you, since using it my hair doesn't get greasy so quickly and my hair is lighter and softer. So if you're worried about quality, don't be! How do I store the bars? Ethique has bar storage containers but really you can keep them in a soap dish like you would body or hand soap. I keep mine in a Stasher bag. Why? Because it's ready for travel! When it's sitting in our shower I have it "unzipped" so the bars dry between uses. But when it's time for a trip, I sip it up and put it in my bag. Easy!

Why switch? 1. They don't come in plastic packaging. In fact, the cardboard the bars come in are completely compostable! 2. You get more for your money. When you buy traditional shampoo you're paying for a product filled with water (often 80%). Ethique's bars are concentrated so you're paying for quality active ingredients, not water! 3. Speaking of ingredients - The ingredients they use are ethically sources, natural, and sustainable (see their website for specifics). 4. 1 conditioner bar replaces 5 bottles... yes FIVE bottles. 5. They've got you (and your dogs and laundry) covered. They have such a variety of shampoos, conditioners, body bars, face wash, dog friendly wash and even a laundry bar! Your hair type and needs are definitely covered! 6. Traveling just got lighter and easier. Their products are in bar form, not liquid. So when you are traveling you are carrying a light bar, not a heavy bottle. Plus if you are traveling for a long period of time you know these bars will last you (for months)! #giveupthebottle #nomoreplastic #plasticwaste #ecofriendly #beauty #shopping #noplanetb #eco #green #natural #vegan #ecowarrior #gogreen

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