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Let me start this post by saying, I know, it's not my normal foodie post. But my life isn't all about food (just mostly...). Today I'm talking about children's education and learning experiences. So if this is something you want to learn more about, read on! If you're looking for foodie stuff, head back to my main page, there's plenty there!!! I don't know about you but I had plans for summer. We were going to have family visit. We were going to visit our families. We were going to explore our town and see even more D.C. museums. It's a time for sleeping in, relaxing the schedule, and getting out to enjoy all that summer sun. Well, summer seems like it may be a little different this year. Though I still hold out hope that this pandemic will at least end in time to enjoy some of our summer months the way we planned, I am in full planning mode to keep Asher and I busy, mostly indoors, this summer. Education is a big thing for us. We read together every day, sometimes twice a day. We visit museums wherever we go and do our best to learn all way can when we're out having fun. So for us, education isn't going to end when Ash finishes his school year. It will continue, just in different ways! To be clear, Asher is not homeschooled. He does school at home. He is enrolled at Laurel Springs School. It's an accredited K-12 school that is fully online. What's great is that they send you a booklet of what he is expected to do each week, plus they provide the textbooks and workbooks. It's literally stress-free. When he finishes his assignments I simply scan them to his teacher for review and feedback. This will change a bit next year as he'll be more reliant on himself and not me for turning in assignments. But I digress. His school even has virtual field trips and iClasses so he can interact with others. But once the school year is done, I still keep Ash engaged with education and learning experiences so he doesn't experience the "summer slide." Ever heard of it? It's when kids lose some of their reading and math skills (among others) over the summer because they are out of an educational environment. I recently shared on my Instagram that I was working on my summer education plans and was asked to share more about what I use. So I thought I'd pass along the information on the workbooks we currently use, ones I just ordered, and other resources to keep him busy and off video games for at least some of each day! Before I get any further, I want to make sure you all know that none of the companies I am talking about paid me for this. These are simply products and programs I enjoy and wanted to pass along. (Image on the Left) To start, these are the workbooks I have and love. Asher is currently finishing first grade so the workbooks: Word Problems, Reading, Skill Sharpeners Science, and Sight Words will be a good end of year reviews. The My Book of Sentences adds on to his first-grade curriculum so he'll be learning some new sentence structure in there. And though I won't have specific "lessons" for handwriting, I'll have him keep up his handwriting skills over the summer as well. (Image on the Right) I really like these Usborne books. The Art Ideas book and the 365 Science Activities really grow with your kid. I choose projects I know are appropriate and achievable for Asher's age and we do those. The My First Story Writing Book is great to get kids thinking about the parts of a story. It's fantastic for creativity.

We won't spend all day working on educational stuff over the summer; kids need some good summer fun. But I know these workbooks will go quickly so I've already ordered my next set of workbooks to keep him challenged and engaged. The workbooks below are what I ordered! I can't give you a review just yet because I have yet to see them. But if you're interested in learning more about them, let me know and I can update you on what I think of them after they are delivered.

But education isn't just about workbooks and sitting at a desk. We love to get in the kitchen together (especially when sweets are involved) and that's the perfect time to talk about science, fractions, weights, and the general life skills of cooking and baking. Asher gets a monthly box from America's Test Kitchen that is designed just for kids called Young Chefs' Club! Each month is a different theme and he gets a tool or something new along with recipes, activities, and science experiments. And if you're tired of those monthly cooking boxes that give you a whisk every time, this is NOT that kind of box!

We are also working on learning Spanish. Though he took Spanish 1 via Laurel Springs School, over the summer we're continuing and expanding our vocabulary with TalkBox.Mom boxes we had ordered (they come in a bunch of different languages) and we'll also use the Duolingo app.

Another interest of Asher's is coding. So in addition to his Osmo coding game, Ash will be spending time on to practice his coding. This site has a bunch of free options for coding. Ash would have played on this site all day if I had let him. And getting back to Osmo, this company creates some really fun and educational games for kids. Ash is definitely a hands-on and visual learner and Osmo's games really beefed up his skills. They have games that involve spelling, math, coding, money, detective skills, etc. It's definitely worth checking out. Another resource we use and will continue to use is Mavis Beacon Kidz software that helps teach typing skills. There are lessons that help your child learn to type properly and then there are arcade games to make it a little more fun. It's done wonders for our son's typing skills! We also use math flashcards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to help with mental math and his speed of answering math questions. Finally, we'll be exploring all the wonderful museum virtual tours and exhibits available online! Though we've visited all of these museums in person, we're excited to visit them again and see what else we can discover: The Louvre Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

British Museum

The Vatican Museums

Oh and before I go... Don't forget about physical fitness while we're stuck indoors. We LOVE doing workouts via YouTube and Amazon Prime. Asher enjoys doing P.E. with Joe and also Cosmo Kids Yoga Adventures! We get out when we can as long as no other kids are out and everyone keeps a good social distance as well.

If educating now, or over the summer, seems daunting. These articles from Laurel Springs School may be helpful: Laurel Spring Students Share Tips on Schooling at Home Schooling at home? Laurel Springs Has Resources for Families

I hope you found this info and all the links helpful! Please feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what we're up to and I'll share any new educational experiences there as well! Stay safe and stay home! #education #schoolathome #school #kid #children #activities #kidactivities #workout #learning #learningathome #summer #stayhome #kidlife #summerslide

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