Our pretend visit to South Africa

In a recent post I talked about how our son Asher and I love learning about different countries, their food and their culture. We finished Argentina recently so it was time to take a trip somewhere new. Asher chose our next stop - South Africa! To start, we got our plane tickets ready and picked up a few books to guide us on our journey. I love when they have a non-fiction book to help figure out foods, crafts and what we should talk about. But what I love more is when there is a book that Asher can read himself. It just pulls him into the adventure that much more. Our picks were: Cultures of the World: South Africa by Ike Rosmarin and Dee Rissik Living in... South Africa by Chloe Perkins and Tom Whoolley

He was amazed to read about the segregation that occurred based solely on skin color. He couldn't understand why skin color mattered. This was a great opportunity to discuss what things were like, and still are like, for people of different skin colors, religions, genders and more. I'm so grateful that he has grown up in so many different places and cultures and that we've traveled quite a bit so he can see how everyone is the same. As we continued to explore South Africa we dove into two crafts. One was based on the beautiful necklaces we saw in the Cultures of the World book and the other was based on ancient cave drawings that are abundant in the country.

Then last, but definitely not least, we enjoyed a dish from South Africa! And it was delicious!!! The dish is called Bobotie. We used the recipe from Immaculate Bites. It's a spiced ground beef base with an egg custard on top. It was unique but still doable for a 5-year-old to try! Each country we "visit" is a chance to try something new, whether it be a food or craft. It is also an opportunity to talk about other beliefs and ways of doing things. Join us on our next adventure; we'll be visiting - Mexico! #kid #kidactivity #travel #adventure #learning #education #art #crafts #cooking #southafrica #children

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