New App: PixFood

If you've ever looked at the pantry and fridge at 5pm and thought, "What am I going to make for dinner tonight?" Then you'll love this new app. It's called PixFood and it couldn't be easier. Hold up a piece of food, like fish, and take a pic.

Next a list of possible matching ingredients will pop up. You select which one best fits your item and a list of delicious recipes will be listed. Simply scroll through and select a recipe that looks appetizing! If you have a well stocked pantry full of basic cooking items then you'll most likely have all the ingredients you need.

Another great way to utilize this app is at the grocery store. Head to the meat or veggie section and snap a pic of an item. Then pick a recipe and shop for the ingredients. It's really perfect when you don't have a taste for anything and you're in search of ideas to spice up your next meal. #app #recipe #food #dinner #lunch #technology #tech

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