Making Pizza with What You Have

Is anyone else having a harder time getting grocery delivery? This month we'll be going 3 weeks between deliveries. I've started pulling canned veggies from our hurricane kit to make sure we have some healthy options until our next food arrives. This pandemic has forced me to do something I've been wanting to do for some time, become more creative with the ingredients I already have. You can order a ton of food for pre-planned recipes and then not get everything you need. It's just part of our new, temporary normal. One thing that I always want to make is our Friday night pizzas. Though I usually make our dough from scratch, flour and yeast are becoming a bit scarce so here are some ideas on how you can create delicious pizzas with what you have!

1. DOUGH - We make ours from scratch, however there are so many other options for your crust. Frozen dough from the supermarket. Dough making kits (notably by Chef Boyardee). Pillsbury's pizza dough in a tube. Then there's tortillas, flatbread, garlic Bread.

2. SAUCE - Traditionally we use plain tomato sauce and add oregano. But we've also used V8 tomato juice. You could also use tomato soup, pasta or marinara sauce. You could also do a white sauce in a jar, pesto, or a homemade mix of butter and garlic.


3. CHEESE - Mix and Match! I've used literally any slices and shredded cheese I have stashed in the freezer or in the fridge. You can't go too wrong with cheese.


4. Toppings - This is where your fridge doors with all the miscellaneous items come in. Maybe you had feta cheese laying around so try adding olives. If you have some ground beef (you don't need much) cook it up and top it with pickles, onions or whatever burger ingredients you like. Toppings can be a little or a lot and can use up little quantities of food you have around.

If you're looking for inspiration on different types of pizza, I've got you covered.

Top left: Fig jam, prosciutto, & goat cheese. Top Right: Cheeseburger - Cheese, ground beef, pickle, onion. Bottom left: Meatball sub - Marinara Sauce, meatballs, provolone cheese. Bottom Right: Dessert Pizza - Chocolate hazelnut spread, strawberries, caramel shortbread cookies

You can find more ideas and their recipes in my, Pizza Night cookbook. It's available in ebook form and softcover.

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