Lavender White Hot Chocolate

This time of year many of us start thinking about traditions. Whether it's decorating the tree while sipping cocoa, getting together for a family meal, or gathering with friends to celebrate, we often have special traditions that make us reminisce and fill our hearts with joy. One of my favorite traditions is going to The Peninsula's Chocolate Bar (buffet) in downtown Chicago once a quarter with my very dear friends. Unfortunately, I often only make it home to Illinois about once a year to see family and friends, but our Chocolate Bar tradition is always something we do when we get together. In the colder months (who am I kidding, on every visit) we order a special Lavender White Hot Chocolate. I don't believe it's on the menu (*secret menu alert!) and you have to request it 24 hours prior to your visit, but I PROMISE it is worth it! It's warm, soothing, and above all, delicious! I made it my mission to recreate this drink so I could enjoy it this holiday season and reminisce of my dear friends and the next time I'll get to see them!

Lavender White Hot Chocolate Yield: 1 mug

¾ cup milk ½ cup Half and Half ½ Tablespoon lavender flower 3 ounces Baker’s White Chocolate, chopped 1. In a small saucepot, combine milk & half and half. 2. Place lavender flowers in a tea infuser and place in the pan with the milk. Place over a low heat. Stir often to avoid a film forming on the milk. Scold the milk, don’t simmer or boil it. Once hot, remove from heat and cover. Allow the flowers to steep for 30 minutes, swirling the pan occasionally. 3. Remove tea steeper from pan and squeeze out any milk from the flowers, discard the flowers. 4. Place pan back on the heat and scold milk again until hot. Remove from heat. 5. Immediately add the white chocolate pieces and whisk until melted. 6. Pour and enjoy! #drink #beverage #hotchocolate #whitechocolate #chocolate #recipe #winter #traditions #lavender #quickandeasy #simple #simplerecipe #sweet #sweettooth #dessert #yum

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