Ingredients Series: Sugar

If you haven't checked out my first installment of the "Ingredient Series" please head to Ingredient Series: Flour to learn more! This post we're talking all about sugar! Let's start with what a sugar does. Well, we all know it adds sweetness. But it does so much more than that! Have you ever had creme brulee? The sugar on top is caramelized to create it's shell. So, in baked goods, sugar can create the caramelized color. It also helps keep an item from drying out and helps the gluten (which you created with the flour - see previous Ingredients Series post for more info on this) from getting too tight. Sugar also, when beaten with butter, breaks up the molecules and incorporates air and fluffiness. And if you're working with yeast, sugar is what feeds and help grows that yeast! The main kind of sugar you'll use is granulated white sugar. Like all-purpose flour, this is your all-purpose sugar because it can dissolve well into baked good. But what if you want the crunch of sugar, such as on top of a cookie or pastry? You'll want to use demerara sugar (sugar in the raw) because the granules are larger and don't break down or "blend in" to your recipe. Then what is powdered sugar? It is literally your regular granulated white sugar that is broken down into a finer powder. In fact, if you ever are in need of powdered sugar and can't run to the store, put some regular sugar into your blender and blend until it's powdery. Last but definitely not least we have brown sugar. Do you know what's in that? Molasses! Yep, this is another one you can make at home if need be. Light brown sugar is about 3% molasses while dark brown sugar has over 6%. So the next time you need some. simply make your own! Other forms of sugar include items like Truvia, honey and maple syrup. However the ones you'll see most often are listed above. Have additional questions about sugar? E-mail me at or comment below! #sugar #brownsugar #powderedsugar #baking #bake #recipe #learn #education #bakingingredientblogseries

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