Green Smoothie

I won't lie. I hate eating my vegetables. My kid eats more veggies than I do. Now and then I crave a salad but that's about it. I know I should eat more of them, especially now when we are stuck at home and I see all the other junk I'm consuming. But I just don't love the taste of veggies.

Well, now that I have a Vitamix I'm playing around with different recipes to creating some healthy options that give me the good stuff I need! This Green Smoothie really is tasty. I played with it a bit to make sure I didn't have too many fruits but I had enough to make it taste good. I landed on this recipe. Obviously, if you want more sweetness, add more fruit!

Green Smoothie Makes: 1 smoothie 3/4 cup water 1 Tablespoon lemon juice 1/2 kiwi, skinned

1/4 cup green grapes 1/2 apple, cored (I used a Jonagold apple)

2 Tablespoons whole flax seeds

1 cup baby spinach

3/4 cup broccoli pieces

1 cup ice

1. Place items in blender in order they are listed. Blend on high until you achieve the consistency you like. 2. ENJOY!

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