Eco-Friendly Changes

Our family loves food, travel and our environment. You'll see plenty of all three of these things on my blog and Instagram. Today, I'm focusing on the eco-friendly products that we love that will make a better world for our son. Know of a fantastic eco-friendly product you think I should know about? Share it with me in the comments below or comment on my Instagram post!

Silicone Sponges - Soft and Scrubby We all have dishes to wash. But have you thought about how clean your sponge actually is? It's important that your sponge is clean (and easy to clean) and good for our environment. Stop buying and throwing away your nasty sponges. Pick up these affordable sponges/scrubbers that can be washed in the dishwasher and last just about forever! Soft Silicone Sponges - Available at Sur La Table Scrubby Sponges - Available at Paula Deen's Store Reusable water bottles STOP buying bottled water! Start bringing your water with you in a reusable water bottle. There are a ton out there but the Que bottle is one of my favorites. Why? It's fantastic for travel! I keep it collapsed (and empty) in my carry-on until I'm through the TSA check point and then expand and fill it so I stay hydrated on the flight. Que Bottle Collapsible Water Bottle - Available at Portable Water Filters Now that you have an awesome reusable water bottle make sure your water is clean and fresh with GoPure Pods. I love this product because it makes public water fountains, hotel water and airport water cleaner and tastier! GoPure Pods - Available at The Nest I'm sure just about everyone has heard of The Nest. You can control your homes temperature via your phone but more importantly you can make better decisions about the use of your A/C or heat so you can lesson not only your electrical bill but also your carbon footprint. The Nest - Available at Bamboo Toothbrushes Plastic toothbrushes aren't recyclable and we go through a lot of them! So simply switching to a bamboo toothbrush (which are biodegradable) is a better choice. I was concerned about the bristles being rough on my gums (based on other reviews) but the Sprmal brushes were perfect and not rough at all! Sprmal Bamboo Toothbrushes - Amazon Reusable travel soap containers Fight the urge to buy those cute little soaps for your next trip and don't take them from your hotel just because they are "free." All those little plastic bottles are terrible for the environment and to be honest, how often do you think they are really recycled once they are empty? Not often when you're on vacation or in a hotel! So bringing your own soaps (in little containers) with you is the best option and more affordable too. These silicone travel soap containers are wonderful for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Plus these comply with the TSA's liquid rule of 3.4 ounces or less rule which is great if you're not checking a bag! Cool Go Gear - Stasher Bags Plastic baggies are a thing of the past people! Don't buy more single-use plastics. Stasher Bags are the best because they are silicone, reusable and easy to wash. Your initial investment will be more than a single plastic bag, obviously, but they absolutely pay for themselves in no time. Stasher Bags - Available at and Target Compostable Trashbags We've significantly reduced the amount of trash our family produces. We have one bag or less of trash a week. How did we do this? We put a separate "trash" bin in our house but labeled it "recycling." Too many people don't recycle because their bin is outside or in the garage and it's just "too much work" to walk a wrapper out there. We took away that barrier and made it easier to recycle almost everything. But when we do have trash (pull ups, old food, etc) we put it in compostable bags. It eliminates one more plastic item that is headed for the landfill! Available on Amazon - Compostable Bags Reusable plastic wrap Plastic wrap is a staple in most kitchens but it's often not recycled. Single-use plastic is a real problem for our environment and our oceans. Switching plastic wrap out of your kitchen is a great first step to a better environment. These stretchy lids fit all different sized bowls and eliminate the need for plastic wrap! ModFamily - Available on; Also on Amazon Reusable Grocery Bags (not pictured above) Grocery bags are not recyclable in the traditional sense. You usually have to take them to places that collect them (like grocery stores) instead of throwing them in the recycling bin which often means they just end up in the trash. That's more single-use plastic floating around in our environment and oceans. So investing in reusable grocery bags is a must. Keep them in the car and then their ready for any impromptu grocery run! Available on Amazon Reusable Produce Bags (not pictured above) If you read the paragraph above than you know why reusable produce bags are a must as well! Available on Amazon I hope I've inspired you to make some quick and easy changes to become a little more eco-friendly! Do you have any eco-friendly products you love? Share them with my in the comments below or on my Instagram post! #ecofriendly #environment #reusable #singleuseplastic #nomoreplastic #environmentalist #gopurepod #podpartner #noplanetb #recycle #reducereuserecycle

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