Countdown to Earth Day

I think it's a little crazy that we have one day set aside to recognize that we should be taking care of our planet. For our family, Earth day is EVERY day! Creating a better environment is so important to us that even on vacations to the beach we'll do beach clean up to make sure we leave the planet a little cleaner. With Earth Day right around the corner (22 April) I thought I'd share with you things that you can do to help our environment out. First things first, be a smart consumer. What do I mean by that? I mean don't buy eggs in a Styrofoam container, get a cardboard one (aka recyclable). And stop buying single use plastics! There are so many better and environment-friendly options. Seek out glass containers instead of those in plastic. And for heavens sake stop buying plastic water bottles! Invest in a glass water bottle and a GoPure travel water filter. That way you have no more excuses when it comes to having clean, fresh water wherever you go. Not only will you save money by not buying all those single use plastic bottles, you'll save the environment! *Humans buy around 1 MILLION plastic bottles every minute. But only 23% are recycled in the U.S. (source: That is NOT okay! Secondly, educate yourself on what you can and can not recycle. Every place will have slightly different regulations but in general things like plastic bags can NOT be recycled in your normal bin. Why? Because they are so light and easily catch the wind, which means on a recycling plant's conveyor belt it will blow right off or get tangled in their equipment. You can however, save them up and bring them to places like Target and other stores where they will properly recycle them. But if you want to avoid this all together, invest in some good canvas reusable bags. They hold so much more than a plastic bag which means less trips when you're bringing all your food in! Even though it's best not to buy single use plastic at all, I know we can't always avoid it. So take a quick peak at the bottom of your plastic milk jugs and other plastic products. Those little recycling triangles with the numbers in the middle mean something. To find out more about each number please visit Once you understand what they mean, check your local recycling company's policy on what it will and won't take. For items it won't take, you can often collect those items and drop them off at other facilities. Yeah, it's a little extra work but don't be lazy about this. If you can find time to post on social media you can find time to recycle your items properly. Next, you can recycle a lot more than plastics. Think technology, clothes and shoes. Best Buy has a recycling program for your old electronics and old toner cartridges. Learn more here. If you have clothes you no longer want or need, think about donating them. If they aren't in the best shape, take them to H&M and drop in the recycling bin. Yep, it's that easy! And once you get yourself using less single use plastics and recycling more - try planting a tree or two! You can either do this at your home, in your community or donate to organizations like American Forests. So why do we need trees? They clean our air, provide oxygen, prevent soil erosion and studies show they can be great for your health! And let's talk produce! I had no clue how much food is wasted in our country. I always assumed it was the leftovers we throw away or the food that goes bad before you can eat it all that was the problem. I had never considered that there are literally TONS of produce that is thrown away before it ever gets to a store! Specifically 20 BILLION pounds each year! Why is it tossed? Because it has a blemish, isn't exactly "showroom" perfect or there's just too much produced and stores don't need it. So now, we order our fruits and veggies through Imperfect Produce. They are growing quickly and moving into new towns all the time. How does it work? The company finds "ugly" produce, you customize what you want in a box and it's delivered to your door, weekly! Still want to do more? Here are some other things you can do: - tell those in office you want to see a change! - Write Congress - reduce your electricity or install solar panels - reduce your water usage - use your car less, bike more or get an electric car If you're looking for great resources you'll find them at: American Forests Oceana 4Ocean GoPure Pods (Use the code via the link to save 25%!) Imperfect Produce (Use the code via the link and save!) Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation What are some ways you're helping our environment? #earthday #environment #climatechange #nomoreplastic

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