We're not like most families. Of the American population, only .5% are military. And though our life means a lot of moves, struggles, and unique experiences, we've done our best to provide a stable life for our son. That includes trying to give him a traditional education. For the past year and a half he's been attending a traditional school and excelled at just about everything. However after starting at a wonderful Advanced Preschool in August (because his birthday misses the cut-off for Kindergarten) his teacher began telling us he "really should be in Kindergarten or even starting first grade work." She felt so strongly about this she didn't send any homework home for him because he already knew the material. So we searched for a school in the area that he could start Kindergarten but came up sort. But a finding challenging school wasn't his only struggle. My husband's constant TDYs have taken a toll. We are separated for days or weeks on a regular basis it seems and that can be difficult (though not as tough as those families who go through long deployments!!!). Our son is now old enough to understand why dad has to leave, but every trip seems to hit him a little harder.

Picking up daddy after another work trip.

So how do we fix these two issues? Well, we have made the decision to pull our son from a brick-and-mortar school and place him in a private online school.

Being online allows our son to have a traditionally structured education with the ability to go wherever we want, whenever we want. This includes (paying our own way) and visiting my husband on select TDYs. We've always believed that learning can happen outside of the classroom and reinforce the things learned inside the classroom.

An online school gives us access to actual qualified teachers and a structure without me, a non-teacher, having to figure out what he needs to learn for his age group. I have a thorough outline of everything he needs to do each week and all the books and instruction to do it. At the end of each week we submit his work to his teacher for review and guidance. And what I really love about this decision is that when it's time for us to move again, there are no gaps in his education, no finding a new school, no worrying about if the new school is more advanced or less advanced than the previous one. Better continuity! But mobility wasn't the only factor, as I stated earlier, he needed a more challenging curriculum. At this online school he is able to start Kindergarten as soon as her turned five, instead of five by or on 1 September. Plus we are able to work at a quickened pass if we want to so that was can get to first grade faster if the current curriculum isn't challenging enough.

Making this decision was really tough. Had his previous school been terrible it probably wouldn't have been so tough to say good-bye to them but to be honest, they were really wonderful! The staff was great and his teacher was fantastic. But following a lot of thought, we thought online school may be what's best for him right now. We worried about his social skills and a slew of other things. But we created a plan to keep his current friends and find new friends. This decision may not be right for every family, but for our family it's as close to perfect as possible. Does your child go to online school or school at home? I'd love to hear about your experience and how you keep your child involved with other kids! #kids #military #militaryfamily #education #school #militarykid

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