2019: What a year it's been!

Well, it's been almost 3 months since my last post. Sorry about that. Actually, no, I'm not sorry. I see a ton of parents on social media who have a successful job or blog, seem to be the perfect parent and can balance it all. Yeah, I'm not that person. Some days there is great balance, others... not so much. Let me fill you in on what I've been up to!

First of all, as I've mentioned in a previous post, our son was moved up from prek to Kindergarten to be more challenged in school. Because of the school systems in our area the only way we could do this was by putting him into an online school, which he absolutely loves and is crushing. But with that change comes a lot of hours of teaching, reading and making sure he's getting all the experiences he would in a traditional school.

Secondly, I've been working on my second cookbook. In fact, I'm ONE recipe away from completing it. It will be all about pizza and the recipes we love to make on our Friday pizza nights. This cookbook will include both savory and dessert recipes along with traditional and unique takes on pizza. It will be a fun cookbook with recommendations on how to make a recipe your own by making simple changes and tips and tricks I've learned from making a pizza almost every Friday night for 4+ years.

Then there's the normal craziness of life. Dishes (and there are so many), laundry, fitness, travel, etc. Since the beginning of the year we've visited Orlando, Las Vegas and Chicago. We are so grateful for the opportunity to travel and explore. And I totally met the Backstreet Boys - Dreams do come true.

Finally, the big move! We found out late last year that we'll be headed to Virginia next. After less than 3 years in Texas we will be making the 1,600+ mile drive to Virginia. We're excited for a new base, new activities and new adventures. But with a move comes a lot of prep. Though we have people come and pack our things (thank God!) we do have a lot to do to prep for a move. This time is a bit unique because we own the home here and we'll need to sell it prior to moving. So add that to my crazy list of things to do and you can see why I've been a bit absent from my blog! But I'm hoping to update this page more often and share my progress on the editing and publishing of cookbook number two! Plus I'll be sharing our journey to the east coast later this year. If you want to keep up on my crazy life, please make sure to follow me on Instagram where I post almost daily. I also have a small (but growing) Facebook page as well. I'd love your support! Thanks

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