My Story

Hello! I'm Jenna. The creator of Jenna's Delicious Creations and author of To Deliciousness and Beyond and Pizza Night. Though I hold an Associate Degree in Pastry Arts I consider myself a home baker. As a military spouse I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel and try foods from all over Europe and North America. While stationed in Italy I began writing my first cookbook, To Deliciousness and Beyond, inspired by my travels and experiences. And it was our family tradition of making homemade pizza every Friday that inspired my second cookbook, Pizza Night.

What's Next?
Jenna's Delicious Creations is not only a place to find my cookbooks but also a place to discover my newest recipes and get a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a solopreneur and learn more about my life as a military spouse. 

My Family

My husband is active-duty United States Air Force and has been for 13 years. Formerly enlisted, he is now an officer working toward his 20 years. Our son is a ball of energy, to say the least. He enjoys spending time in the kitchen, reading books and dancing around like he's a pop star.

Home is.....
I grew up about 45 minutes outside of Chicago, Illinois and spent a good chunk of my life there. After getting married, I moved to the Florida panhandle where my husband was stationed. Since then we've lived in Italy, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia (currently) - though my heart will always be in Florida.

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